“The average investor is earning less than 50% of the overall stock market return

For more than 25 years studies show the average investor on Main Streets has earned less than 50% of the overall stock market return. Adding to the confusion is the fact investing is a zero sum game. In order for someone to win in the markets someone has to lose.

If investors are giving up half the return of the market that return is going somewhere. Likely a large brokerage house or bank is taking it, as they are better equipped creating an uneven playing field between Main Street and Wall Street.

There are many factors which support these studies; Lack of transparency into fees and commissions, the speed of the information age is counterintuitive to long term investing, investor behavior often leads to panic in times of market volatility, chasing performance or the next hot investment, not truly understanding risk tolerance and risk capacity, and abandoning a long term strategy in the wake of short term losses.

“Foundations Investment Advisors is leveling the playing field”

Foundations Investment Advisors is a company built to create an environment for long term investor success by seeking to level the playing field between Main Street and Wall Street. Our advisors work in a totally transparent environment under a fiduciary standard. Through investor education and setting accurate expectations based on risk tolerance and risk capacity we are able to guide you to and through retirement

The “FIA Advantage”

There is much more to wealth accumulation than simply buying what looks good and holding it for the duration. Our philosophy approaches wealth management with a sell high/buy low approach to take advantage of pricing opportunities while still focusing on investing in low-cost securities. Through our relationships with Independent Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR) throughout the United States, you are getting the best of both worlds; an advisor in your area you know and trust and FIA, a SEC registered investment advisor with the expertise of a large fund managers and the flexibility of a small boutique firm.

Our Values

When you work with Foundations Investment Advisors, you get a relationship and not just a business transaction. We value trust, due diligence, and integrity and strive to offer unbiased advice in this volatile financial market. Our advisors are all fiduciaries who are on your side at all times. We work to promote your best interests.

Part of our process involves pairing clients with the right advisor, who matches their philosophy on financial investments. We offer six conservative portfolios that are each designed to minimize risk as much as possible, which ties into our fiduciary standard

When you work with one of our advisors, you can guarantee that your best interests will be put first, that we will act in the utmost good faith, not mislead you, and provide complete disclosure to all the pertinent facts related to your investments. It is our goal to help our clients achieve their dreams and their goals, whatever those may be.

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