Company Profile

FIA offers the expertise needed to help investors create risk-managed strategies with the goal of achieving less risk and generating consistent returns over time. Our strategies are designed to withstand the test of time through all market cycles.

Our Mission

For more than 25 years studies have shown the average investor on main street is getting less than 50% of the stock market’s total return. Fees, hidden costs, lack of transparency and investor behavior penalty are contributing factors to this phenomenon which gives Wall Street the advantage. Foundations Investment Advisors mission is to level the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street with the goal of helping the Average Investor achieve more return while taking less risk.

Independent Advisory

Our strategies and investment selections are objective-based and prioritize limiting drawdown over returns. With an extensive library to choose from, our investment options are custom-tailored to each individual’s financial goals.

Broad Expertise

Our team brings with it decades of investment experience in building portfolios and working with advisory businesses. Our expertise ranges from constantly analyzing market trends, developing new strategies, building portfolios of strategic and dynamic disciplines, and working with many types of advisors to grow their businesses. This experience is enriched through our sub-advisor partnerships with many of the top asset managers in the space.

Risk Management

Our investment approach seeks to minimize volatility and maximize returns across market and business cycles.   We do this through proprietary risk management and with the goal of avoiding large drawdowns while generating consistent returns.  Our strategies take into account each investor’s risk tolerance and more importantly, risk capacity.


Your goal is our goal – protecting and growing your wealth through time-tested risk management strategies.

How we work

The right advisor for your financial goals and objectives. An FIA Advisor can help you choose the right investment options to navigate.

The FIA difference

As an FIA client, you’ll have access to a broad range of risk managed portfolios. From conservative to aggressive, we can assure you that we have a portfolio for you.

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Investment advisory services are offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser.