The “FIA Advantage”

There is much more to wealth accumulation than simply buying what looks good and holding it for the duration.   Our philosophy approaches wealth management with a sell high/buy low approach to take advantage of pricing opportunities while still focusing on investing in low-cost securities.   Through our relationships with Independent Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR) throughout the United States, you are getting the best of both worlds; an advisor in your area you know and trust and FIA, a SEC registered investment advisor with the expertise of a large fund managers and the flexibility of a small boutique firm.  Our diverse lineup of investment portfolios include tactically managed portfolios, portfolios that are managed based on a proprietary algorithm, passively managed portfolios and portfolios with traditional stock and bonds.

Many of our portfolios are designed with preservation of assets at the forefront of the methodology.   These portfolios strive to not only grow your assets, but retain what you have worked so hard for.  By limiting the downside through tactical risk management, we seek to achieve more consistent growth of your money over the long run.

“The underlying principles of sound investment should not alter from decade to decade, but the application of these principles must be adapted to significant changes in the financial mechanisms and climate.

-Benjamin Graham

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