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The Right Advisor for your Financial Goals and Objectives

An FIA Advisor can help you choose the right investment options to navigate today’s volatile markets.  FIA advisors are trained to be educators with the goal of helping the client understand their investment strategy.   Which, helps the client stay committed to their long term investment goals in volatile markets.  

This is a tremendous value add, as studies have shown for more than 25 years investors are prone to make mistakes at the worst possible times in down markets.  Having a clear understanding of your personalized investment strategy can help you not become a victim of statistics.  

Outcome Focused Financial Planning

FIA advisors utilize a unique financial planning process called Outcome Focused Planning.  This process starts with getting to know you.  We seek to understand what are you trying to accomplish, what your objectives are, and what your goals are.  Next we develop an understanding of your tolerances for risk and more importantly an understanding of your risk capacity.  We then begin testing your current portfolio and savings rate to determine the probability of success.  We add in any ideas you have and run test on those ideas.  Finally we illustrate what it would look like for you to work on your own with no advisor and illustrate a picture of what it would look like to work with an FIA advisor.  Our planning techniques focus on results not products with an emphasis on a mix of strategies that deliver the highest probability of long term success. 

Risk-Managed Strategy

After completing your Outcome Focused Planning strategy session, your FIA advisor will begin implementing your long-term financial and investment plan. Each investment in your plan will have its own methodology, while adhering to FIA’s risk-management model.  Which, is utilizing low correlation strategies to minimize drawdowns is the best path to long term compounding of returns.

FIA advisors are constantly in tune with developments in your portfolio and the market in effort to ensure your long-term plan remains aligned with your goals.  In order to keep you informed you are provided a weekly “State of the Union” update on how your investments are performing in addition to regular scheduled reviews with your FIA Advisor.

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