Actively Managed Portfolios

FIA offers several actively managed portfolios, overseen by internal and external professional money managers with differing investment philosophies.   The portfolios were chosen to provide a broad lineup of objectives with a goal of providing competitive risk adjusted performance over a full market cycle.  As a fiduciary, we strive to use low cost asset classes when possible.

FIA Offers 6 Series of Managed Portfolios

  1. Tactical Series

Five Asset Allocation portfolios, mainly invested in ETFs and some mutual funds; these are highly tactical and could have high cash values due to fundamental investing style

  1. Algorithm Series:  

Five Asset Allocation portfolios, managed exclusively in ETFs.  The manager utilizes their proprietary algorithm to tactically manage the portfolios; they tend to be fully invested and utilize non-correlated assets to mitigate risk.  Each portfolio adheres to a certain risk level that is measured by drawdown



  1. Income Series:  

Three Income portfolios, invest mainly in individual stocks and individual bonds and some ETFs for diversification; will utilize options strategies to increase potential income and to hedge the portfolios

  1. Common Stock Series:

Three Common Stock Basket managed portfolios, invested entirely in equities; the portfolios’ goal is to outperform their benchmark over a full market cycle


  1. Passive Series:

Three Passive portfolios that will generally invest in 3 to 4 No Transaction Fee ETFs; these portfolios will be rebalanced semi-annually 


  1. Low Minimum Tactical Series:

Three Tactically managed portfolios that will invest in 1 to 4 No Transaction Fee ETFs

“The underlying principles of sound investment should not alter from decade to decade, but the application of these principles must be adapted to significant changes in the financial mechanisms and climate.

-Benjamin Graham

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