Methodology and Strategy


Your goal is our goal – protecting and growing your wealth through time-tested risk management strategies. 


Balanced Philosophy

Large drawdowns seem to happen at the worst time. The best defense against these occurrences is a well-designed strategy that meets your investments goals, risk tolerance and most importantly risk capacity. 


Strategy Diversification

Through a blend of passive and tactical investment strategies, we seek to minimize downside risk in your portfolio while maximizing return.  Avoiding large-scale losses is top priority when designing or incorporating a strategyinto a portfolio.  


Risk-Managed Strategy

With the goal of avoiding large losses, our diversified set of strategies have a low correlation when compared to the more volatile equity markets. Depending on market conditions, we may apply strategies such as allocating capital to assets that appreciate during declining equity markets, or long short strategies, or shorter term methods that are able to cope with a fast-changing market environment such as moving to a large cash position.


Our time-tested, proprietary risk management, coupled with years of experience in a variety of markets, has proven to be advantageous to our clients in protecting and growing their wealth across market and business cycles. 


Your unique and you want investments to match your style. With a large library of investments to choose from, we’re able to match the right investments to the right investor based on risk tolerance, risk capacity, timeline and investment objectives. 

FIA Capital
Management Strategies

As an advisor, you want tailored package of investments which mirror your client’s investment DNA. With FIA as your Turnkey Asset Management Platform you’ll be able to choose from an array of predesigned investments matching your clients specific investment style.  

FIA Sub-Advisors

How are a we able to offer such a wide selection of investment options and strategies? Through our internal proprietary models and partnerships with investment firms which have been cultivated over years of working together. Creating original investment insights that are able to meet the demands of our diverse group of clients is what our sub advisors do best.

Partnerships With Large Firms

We look for partnerships that offer the best value to our clients in terms of cost, drawdown management, strategy and performance. This means partnering with large money managers such as Cabana Asset Management,  Frontier Asset Management, Clark Capital Management,  and Morningstar Asset Management in addition to others. Using the large amount of resources these firms offer, we have access to some of the best global research on the market.

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