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Factor investing

Core Series & Smart Core Series

These models are designed to seek alpha across low-cost equity & fixed income ETFs along with an alternative mutual fund sleeve with an asset allocation balance determined in accordance to the client’s investment objectives.

Investment Focus

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Factor Based
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Asset Allocation Weighting
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Alternative Sleeve

Strategy Description

This series of eight individual portfolios across two models is structured to provide constant participation across equity and fixed-income holdings with the inclusion of multiple factor based ETFs that focus on specific drivers of variance wit performance. Strategic rebalancing will be done quarterly unless market conditions prompt additional ad-hoc rebalancing. Asset allocation rebalancing seeks to take advantage of buy-low, sell-high methodology through realignment of position weightings for consistency with model objectives.


Typical # of Holdings: 20-25

Minimum Investment: $25,000

Inception: 04-01-2020

Portfolio Manager: BlackRock®

Investment(s) Used

Trade Frequency
Mutual Funds
Factor Investing
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