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Flex Series

The model implements ETF’s and mutual funds that use various strategies that underlie the momentum model algorithms to look at price trends and economic trends and then apply optimization techniques that seek to maximize return while managing downside risks.

Investment Focus

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Strategy Description

The Flex Series is allocated 50% to the Momentum based tactical model and 50% to the Economic Trend Series with five different risk categories that range from Conservative to Aggressive. The momentum models can be traded often which may create short-term capital gains and losses. However, the Economic Trend portion of the overall Flex model aims to keep investors in the market by passively tracking an index and it utilizes Modern Portfolio Theory to develop asset class weightings and diversification while seeking to optimizing risk and return. By balancing the model between the strategic and tactical strategies, the portfolio is designed to capture the benefit of both styles of management.


Typical # of Holdings: 23-30

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Inception: 08-01-2018

Portfolio Manager: Darren Leavitt, CFA

Investment(s) Used

Trade Frequency
Mutual Funds
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