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Economic Trends Series

Economic Trends Series

These models are designed to seek alpha across low-cost equity & fixed income ETFs along with an alternative mutual fund sleeve with an asset allocation balance determined in accordance to the client’s investment objectives.

Investment Focus

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Low Trade Volume
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Rules Based
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Limit Drawdown

Strategy Description

The Economic Trends Series combines risk-weighted equity and bond strategies with low trade volume to create an inherently more tax efficient model than more tactically traded strategies would allow. The Equity strategy portion utilizes macroeconomic data by tracking key components of the business cycle in an effort to seek consistent market participation; while also tracking impending recession indicators in an effort to pre-emptively enter a hedged state where 50% of the equity strategy is reallocated to 50% US Treasuries to limit potential drawdown. When economic conditions enter a recovery state, the equity model will fully rebalance back into equity positions.


Typical # of Holdings: 13-18

Minimum Investment: $25,000

Inception: 08-01-2018

Portfolio Manager: Darren Leavitt, CFA

Investment(s) Used

Trade Frequency
Mutual Funds
Economic Trends
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